Fundraise £200,000 over 5 years, to set up a non-profit Residential Support Unit for full time care or young people in care who are not suitable for foster or adoptive care due to severe behaviour. The money will be raised through donations from fundraising challenges, events and larger donors, as well as applying for funding to funding bodies. The Unit will run run educational sessions with vulnerable young people to re-engage them with education and teach the skills needed to learn and develop, through urban arts, such as graffiti, street dance or rap.

Deaf, Blind, Silent


All children are given access to the tools they need to reach their full potential, through engaging education. Profits are not a factor in the level of care young people receive.

Purpose & Overall Aim

Our purpose is to get children with severe behavioural, social and emotional issues who have been excluded from or fail to engage with mainstream education, back into education through relevant education and mentoring.
Our aim is to set up a non-profit Children’s Home where the number 1 priority is providing the highest level of care, giving our young people, the best chance of reaching their potential in life.


Initially we will provide extracurricular and educational support to children in care and those who have been excluded from mainstream schooling. This will through one to one tutoring and group sessions. We will then provide care and support through a Residential Care Unit which will provide education on site working alongside schools and the national curriculum.


The initial Impact will be to engage the young people that we work with into improving their attitude towards learning, self-confidence and motivation to learn. We will use this to promote the charity and the project and as we expand increase the impact on access to educational support.

In the longer term the impact will be in providing care to vulnerable children in these areas. We will provide the support services we are able to and build ties with local support services that we can link the young people to through the networks we will establish in the community. We have links with local artists who are respected and known the locals young people and through maintaining and expanding this network we will provide links to support.

We hope that from our group sessions and event days we can also build networks of parents who can support each other. We will encourage parents to attend and will provide support to them if we are able to.

Background and Achievements to Date:

The organisation was unofficially launched on the 26th of September 2013 where there was an event held. Since this time the organisation has hosted 3 events, had donations from 3 events and has had an event organised to raise funds for the event by an outside party. Funds have been also been raised through fundraising challenges. The organisations director, Rosie Mai Iredale lived on 1 pound a day for 30 days to raise funds. She then lived silent, deaf and blind and silent, deaf and blind at the same time. The organisation has raised £6,150 since the 26th of September 2013.

A social media network of over 3,000 friends on the Facebook profile, 1200 Facebook likes on the ‘likes’ page and 20,000 twitter followers has been developed alongside a brand within the Bristol community. We have created links with many influential musicians within Bristol and gained backing for the project.