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My name is Rosie-Mai and I am raising £200,000 to set up a non-profit children's home.

Full Reach Children’s Projects is a UK based charity aimed at offering education and support to those most at risk in the UK.

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My Story
I began it all with £200 in my pocket and no experience in fundraising, but a huge wealth of  passion and energy.

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To make our dreams a reality we need your support. All donations big or small will play a vital part in enacting real change.

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The Great British Bed Push!

My Route


Route Distance – 1169.35 Miles


I will push the bed, sleep in it every night and wear pyjamas for my entire walk, it will take me 60 days and will cover 1,200 miles. I will walk 20 miles a day.

Along the way I will make several stops, visiting villages, towns and cities, contacting local newspapers, magazines, radio and social media letting them know when I will be passing through and to keep an eye out for me. The public will be encouraged to come and see me and get photos of them in my bed and share this on social media. I will have a text to donate sign to encourage passers-by to donate.

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Previous Challenges

£1 a Day

My first challenge was living on £1 a day for 30 days, finishing at midnight Christmas day. Highlights from this included eating rice from Christmas dinner, fainting and losing nearly a stoneRead More...

Walking Barefoot

During the £1 a Day Challenge, I set extra challenges at various goals. The first of which was walking 1 mile barefoot through the city of Bristol.

Sleeping Rough

As another sub-challenge of the £1 a Day challenge myself and BCFM radio host Sammie slept on the streets of Bristol for a night.

Deaf, Blind & Silent

  Director, Rosie Mai, lived silent for 4 days, deaf for 4 days, blind for 4 days and then lived silent, deaf and blind for 4 days. This raised £1,118 online andRead More...

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